Eric Bridgeman - June 2009

Eric Bridgeman's 'Gayer than All the Rest', 2009(Preview version) from Next Wave on Vimeo.

Before the screening of his Gayer than All the Rest work at Federation Square, artist Eric Bridgeman decided on an impromtu performance. Here's the evidence:

Eric Bridgema's pre-screening performance at Fed Square from Next Wave on Vimeo.

Tuesday 16 June 2009
“A crisply shot, devastatingly messy, horribly insightful, hip, freakish, camp grenade thrown straight at the homosexual heart of Australian sport.”
Eric Bridgeman's work, Gayer than All the Rest, currently screening every Thursday at at 8pm Fed Square this month, was very well reviewed in the Sunday Age on the weekend:

Thanks to Age reviewer Penny Modra for her generous words.

Gayer than All the Rest (duration: 6 minutes, 32 seconds) will interrogate rituals of heterosexuality and hyper-masculinity within Australian NRL football.

Screening throughout June 2010 on the Big Screen, Federation Square.
5:30pm, Thursday 4th / 8pm, Thursday 11th / 8pm, Friday 19th / 8pm, Thursday 25th

Artist's Statement
"Gayer Than All The Rest interrogates protocols of heterosexuality, hyper-masculinity and social behaviours common in the Australian NRL football code. Starring fictional character Billy Boo Boo and a number of team mates, the video also features a character inspired by Tina Turner shaping and preparing these working class warriors for battle in the big game. Through performative discussion, this work reconstructs significant historical moments of the NRL aiming to explore the fundamental mechanics of gender, race and sexuality that prevail in the construction of the great Australian game."
Eric Bridgeman 2009