Zoe Scoglio - August 2009

Zoe Scoglio sees things in rocks.
In a new video triptych titled Rock Bodies, Zoe has envisioned torsos and faces that fade in and out of basalt and granite crstals, and evoke our pre-life origins.

The artist’s spellbinding works feature on the Big Screen, the Atrium screen and the East Shard Building at Fed Square, and run for an hour across the sites from 5:30pm every Thursday through August. Rock Bodies was made especially for Next Wave Time Lapse, and seems to be born from the angular architecture of Fed Square itself.

Inspired by the geological and geometrical structures at Federation Square, Rock Bodies attempts to weave itself into its surrounds and invite passers-by to take a second look.

Rock Bodies is a site-specific video and sound trilogy involving the ongoing transformation of its subjects between human and rock form. Using salt as a key inspiration, Rock Bodies seeks to forge relationships between the human form and the earth through the minerals and processes we have in common. While being a playful and fantastical work, Rock Bodies looks to remind its audience about their inherent connection with the earth in these times of environmental devastation.

These works explore the idea that earth is a place from which we come and not just a place we happen to inhabit. Our dislocation from the earth contributes to our destruction of it.

Zoe Scoglio's Rock Bodies
On the Big Screen, the Atrium screen and the Melbourne Visitors’ Centre internal screen at Federation Square, every Thursday in August.

About Zoë Scoglio

Zoë Scoglio is a media artist who creates videos and sounds, mostly for site-specific and performative outcomes. Her current work involves spontaneous collaborations and explorations into transformation and ritual.

Zoë is a founding member of Melbourne based artist run initiative, Tape Projects, who were Next Wave Kickstart 2009 particpants.

Zoe Scoglio's Rock Bodies from Next Wave on Vimeo.

Zoe Scoglio's Rock Bodies from Next Wave on Vimeo.