Peter McKay - February 2010

Peter McKay's
Permanent Rainbow RC Helicopter Team

Screening every Thursday through February 2010, at Federation Square Next Wave presents Permanent Rainbow RC Helicopter Team by Peter McKay.

Permanent Rainbow RC Helicopter Team is a two-channel video that documents Adelaide-based artist Peter McKay’s attempts to suspend an aluminium-foil rainbow into the sky using 8 remote-control helicopters. The work has been conceived as a side venture of the ongoing Permanent Rainbow series, which will eventually see McKay attempt to suspend the rainbow in the earth’s orbit through the use of rockets.

Permanent Rainbow RC Helicopter Team
* 5:30pm to 6:30pm every Thursday throughout February 2010
* On the Big Screen at Federation Square

About Peter McKay
Peter McKay is known both as artist and for his curatorial projects, having worked as manager of 2004 SALA Festival, co-director at Downtown Art Space and curator at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia where he is currently based. In 2004 he participated in Surface Tensionat the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney, and in 2006 featured in Primavera curated by Aaron Seeto for the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney.

Recently, Peter has held exhibitions at the Linden Contemporary Art Centre in Melbourne, at Canberra Contemporary Arts Spaces, Greenaway Art Gallery and GRANTPIRRIE in Sydney. His exhibition at GRANTPIRRIE last year featured work in his ongoing series titled Permanent Rainbow, which is Next Wave’s February work in the Next Wave Time Lapse series at Federation Square.

Peter McKay graduated from the South Australian School of Art UniSA in 2003, completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a major in History and Theory.