Jimmy McGilchrist - March 2010


Jimmmy McGilchrist's

Screening every Thursday through March 2010, at Federation Square Next Wave presents Swarm by Jimmy McGilchrist.

Swarm is fiction disguised as reality. Using sophisticated technical wizardry, this interactive screen-based work invokes the wonder and curiosity of childhood, re-imagining Federation Square as an urban sanctuary for swarms of fluttering butterflies.

Devised and created by Adelaide-based artist Jimmy McGilchrist and programmer Darryn Van Someren, this Next Wave Time Lapse work for March uses human recognition technology and the Fed Cam live feed to create extraordinarily graceful and surreal effects. As audience members stand motionless in Federation Square, virtual butterflies will gravitate towards their on-screen image swarming around them. As the viewer moves suddenly within the frame, the butterflies will dissipate, following them for a time before fluttering off into the distance.

5:30pm to 6:30pm every Thursday, through March
A new work on the Big Screen at Federation Square
First screening this Thursday 4 March 2010

Artist’s Statement
This work, developed specifically for Federation Square’s Big Screen, aims to utilise some of the interactive capabilities that are suggested by live streaming. I aim to create imagery which is beautiful and sensuous; fluid yet contorting and deforming; morphing in and out of human and animal or non living forms; organic yet unnatural; surreal and highly stylized animated footage.

Artist’s Bio
Jimmy McGilchrist lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia. After completing a Diploma in Screen Media in Adelaide and a course in Audio Visual production in Valencia, Spain in 2008, Jimmy completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts specializing in New Media at the University of South Australia. His current practice focuses predominantly on the production of digital and screen-based content including interactive installations, site specific audiovisual interventions and large public screen content. Jimmy also works in freelance post-production and animation.